Prague’s 3 Days Photoworkshop

Prague – photo explores and fun – 3 days photo workshop with Viktor.

Our Prague workshop is a bit different than most. In 3 days and nights :-) you will have a chance to experience and capture many beautiful views of the city, from a places known only to experienced city photographers, as well as to try new techniques.


Who will share experience with you and be there to help if needed?

As a professional photographer with a degree in film making on famous Prague Film Academy, Viktor is passionate landscaper/cityscaper, innovative street photographer and skilled in image post processing. He is also running blog –, where he tests equipment with a focus on older legacy lenses. Viktor’s style is based on the interaction of light and form that creates emotional effect. His photography is not about reproduction of particular surrounding, it is rather an effort to capture the moment, using space as the formal framing. You can check out Viktor’s work here.


What you will explore in this Workshop

  • You will be able to see Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, from a photographer’s perspective. All those secret places and golden spots, known usually to local photographers only, will be revealed to you. You will see and memorize Prague from its most photogenic side.
  • We will talk and learn about different techniques, used for landscape and cityscape photography. Usage of exposure correction or creative filters, shooting in RAW and developing images in Lightroom and Photoshop. Shooting panorama shots and stitching them together. Shooting with 35mm (and smaller sensor) and simulating DOF of medium format cameras. Importance of light and how to see it. Shooting technique in dark spaces without tripod and many, many more.
  • Tips and tricks in Street photography. How to get closer to your subject unnoticed. How to start communication with your subject. Why black and white is so powerful for street photography and how to shot it and post process successfully.
  • Everything you need to know about usage of your camera – exposure, focusing, zone focusing, etc. As an extra bonus, you will be able to try some famous legacy lenses from our large collection and learn how to use them to create that “retro” effect.


Workshop Programme

Day 0. – Arrival.

Our driver will pick you up at the Vaclav Havel’s Airport or at the Train/Bus station according to yours arrival schedule. We will meet at the typical local pub for a welcome photo beer and chat. Meeting starts at 16h, but if you arrive later, don’t worry, you can join us till 19:00 or go directly to your hotel and prepare for the fresh start in morning. On the welcome meeting, we will:

  • Present you detailed plan for each day with alternative program in case of really bad weather.
  • Discuss equipment and technique that we are going to use and explain why and what you might want to try.
  • Make a small presentation of Prague photos and short presentation of your photos if you like.
  • Meet each other, have a few beers, fun and typical Czech dinner.

Transport to the hotel.

Day 1. – Cityscape and Architectural photography

Sunrise over the Charles Bridge. Impressive scenery even in bad weather. After shooting, we will stop for a breakfast and coffee on cozy Mala Strana. Kings Road to the Prague Castle will follow, with many stops to capture some famous Prague monuments and views. We will have a chance to visit Cathedral of St Vitus and to try some techniques for shooting in dark spaces without tripod. There is also Zlata Ulicka (Golden Lane) and Loretanska zahrada (Loretan Garden) where you can enjoy nice view over National Theatre and Vltava River. After tasty lunch in local restaurant, you can enjoy free time till late afternoon, when we will go to Petriny trying to capture Prague castle in the sunset. After dinner we will experience night (long exposure) photography in the downtown.

Day 2.

Early morning pick up and transfer to the location from where we will try to capture famous Prague towers during sunrise. After breakfast, we will discuss and try some Street shooting techniques, tips and tricks in the old city of Prague including famous Oldtown Square. After lunch, you will be assigned with a Street Photo challenge and left on your own, to explore beauty and excitement of the street photography. There’s also possibility to visit Oldtown Square Tower instead for the beautiful view of Prague from above. Before the dinner, we will try to capture sunset in fascinating view of Prague bridges across Vltava River. The winner of the street contest will be voted after the dinner and awarded with organizers special prize.

Day 3.

Pick-up after breakfast and visit of another beautiful castle and hill in Prague – Vysehrad with a different view over Prague bridges, very old Prague cemetery and nice church. Walk in the park nearby and following lunch will end our Prague 3 days workshop, but will remain in our memories and images for many years to come.

Flexibility: Presented program is always possible to alter in case of heavy rain or really bad weather. Prague has many impressive interiors, which we might visit instead, but we still will be able to make some interesting cityscape photos using black and white technique. We can’t influence weather, but we can promise you interesting photographic opportunities in any case.

All in all, our Prague workshop is an exciting experience for photographers and everyone who like to think and play out of the box. Workshop is held in English language. Workshop is limited by 7 participants.


What you need to bring with you:

  • Digital camera, ideally with interchangeable lenses.
  • Lenses that will cover 18-200mm equivalent field of view on 35mm (full frame). If you have wider or longer lenses and you can take them with you, you certainly wouldn’t regret but you will be able to make impressive photographs with almost any lens that you already have. Ideally take – Wide angle zoom (16-35mm approx.), Super zoom (18-250 or similar)and one fast wide or standard prime (35-50mm f/1.8 e.g.)
  • Tripod. You wouldn’t need big and heavy one, but good tripod is essential for the landscape and cityscape photography.
  • Remote controller with timer if you have one. If not, self timer will do it in most cases. Remote timer or in camera timer is necessary for time-lapse photography.
  • ND filters and Polarizer if you have.
  • Don’t forget – memory cards, batteries and charger and umbrella in case of rain.

If you don’t have some of the equipment, don’t worry. We should be able to borrow you most of those, even complete sets for a very reasonable fee.

Take the advantage of the introductory price of our new – Prague 3 days workshop with Viktor and enjoy Prague from a different perspective.

Total price: 699,- EUR. The price includes 3 nights in a 4stars hotel Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town (single room), 3x breakfast, Prague transports, photo guide, transport from/to the Václav Havel’s Airport or Train/Bus station according to participants needs.

Extra services:

  • We offer you to stay in extraordinary Suite with large terrace and a breathtaking view of Prague (additional cost 250,- EUR)
  • For those, who would like to attend our workshop as a couple, we have a special price – 1.190,- EUR (total price for both with assumption of staying  in a double room). Just let us know.
  • You have a possibility to take extra entourage with you and have a double room together. For this person, who will not participate on workshop’s activities we will charge you for extra cost of 150,- EUR (accommodation costs)

Payment conditions:

  • Booking fee 200,- EUR
  • 30 days before workshop starts you will receive Proforma invoice at the amount of 499,- EUR (+price for extra services if any), which must be settled in following 14 days.

Join workshop now:

  •  03.October – 06. October (closed)

  •  23. October – 26. October (closed)

  •  26. March – 29. March 2015 (closed)

  •  23. April – 26. April 2015 (closed)

  •  21. May – 24. May 2015 (closed)

Do you have any other requirement/question/unclarity? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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